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Software Engineer
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Hi! I'm John, a software engineer from Orange County California currently working at McGraw Hill. I take pride in creating clean, efficient, and intuitive web applications. I love working smart to bring my ideas to fruition.

Primarily, I am a front-end developer specializing in React and Angular but I'm no stranger to full-stack development with NodeJS and PHP in the backend. When I'm not coding, I'm either reading about code, gaming, watching streams, or working out.

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Software Engineer
  • Assessment Authoring Team: Full Stack Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript: jQuery, and PHP on the assessment and question creation microservice of the application.
  • Assessment Delivery Team: Consistently delivered new features in the assessment-taking microservice of the eLearning application primarily using Angular, React, Node and PHP
  • Assessment Item Renderer Team: Served as sub-lead of the team responsible for creation and maintenance of internal question library written in React and Angular, a high exposure library that is interacted with by millions of teachers and students. Fixed high priority issues with finesse and efficiency. Implemented OKTA O-auth integration to bolster application security. Migrated codebase to Typescript to minimize bugs. Maximized efficiency of lerna monorepo and Circle CI scripts to allow for speedy building and deployment of over a dozen libraries.
  • Open Learning Automation Framework Team: Developed a ProtractorJS automation framework to save the company thousands of man hours in duplication of code across microservices. Additionally, set guidelines in automation development for Quality Engineers, maximizing efficiency through set up and teardown of data and reuse of code.
  • Created and presented design documentation for coordination within the company, reducing risk when services/libraries were updated and deployed.
  • Created documentation apps/pages to facilitate the onboarding process of new developers
Software Developer
  • Full Stack Development with HTML, CSS, Javascript: jQuery + AngularJS, PHP: Laravel5, Java, and AWS. Developed and maintained web application allowing users world-wide access to content-rich lectures and material from UCI professors.
  • Developed an application giving users the ability to study and learn collaboratively using web-based whiteboarding and conferencing tools, including and Google Hangouts APIs.
  • Created an xml parser in Java to automate the population of lecture-database in conjunction with Laravel’s Eloquent ORM.
  • Startup project that I worked on with a few colleagues who were inspired by the financial burder of expensive college text books. Purpose was to facilitate a quick and easy way for students to buy/sell/trade used books at their enrolled college/university. Developed in react and express.
  • Built authentication using passportJs with facebook and google sign in capabilities
  • Integrated google books api into search engine for finding books.
  • My first portfolio site built in jquery and html+css
  • This website. Built with webpack, es6 (babel), and sass. My way of getting back to the roots of javascript without the use of a framework